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VAT rules for registration fees in Sweden

According to the Sixth VAT Directive, 77/388/EEC, Article 9.2.(e), participants from different countries should pay their registration fee including or excluding Swedish VAT. Please identify your category below and choose the appropriate alternative in the registration form:

Excl. VAT
- Registration fees paid from a country outside the European Union

- Registration fees paid by companies and other taxable persons (also including taxable institutions/organisations) within the European Union, except from Sweden *)

Incl. VAT
- Registration fees paid by private individuals and non-taxable institutions/organisations within the European Union, except from Sweden

- Registration fees paid within Sweden

*) If you belong to this category, you must leave your company's (or institution's/organisation's) VAT registration number in the appropriate field in the registration form in order to obtain a registration fee excl. Swedish VAT.